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Why do We Call The American Flag “Old Glory?”

May 08, 2017

Why do We Call The American Flag “Old Glory?”

Have you ever wondered why some refer to the American flag as “Old Glory?”

While there are many nicknames for this national symbol, this particular one was coined by sea captain William Driver in 1842.

His mother and some female admirers sewed him an American flag in celebration of achievement as command of his own ship. He accepted it and proudly flew the flag during his many adventures at sea.

Driver became so passionate about the flag and what it represented that he began to call it “Old Glory.” When Driver’s wife died, he returned to Nashville to care for his children shortly before the civil war.

When the north and south began fighting, Driver repelled several Confederate attempts to destroy his flag, eventually hiding it in a quilt. When the Union 6th Ohio Infantry liberated Nashville, Driver eagerly presented his flag to be flown over the Capitol again, referring to it as “Old Glory.”

The Union 6th Ohio Infantry later adopted the motto and, well, the rest is history!

Can you think of any other nicknames for the American flag? What are some of your favorite stories throughout history?

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